Greenworks G40AB 40V Cordless Axial Blower (Without Battery & Charger)

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    RM 309.00

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    • G40AB is designed for cleaning garden rubbish, leaves and mowing grass.
    • The axial design of the fan with cruise control of G40AB ensures ease of use.
    • Powerful air flow debris is blown into one heap, which helps to simplify its collection and removal.
    • Control elements are placed on the handle allowing the user to perform all the actions with one hand.
    • The products only weigh 1.5kg which allows it to be used by people with any level of physical fitness, as well as no load during use.
    • The user can start the engine by pressing one button and the speed of the air flow can be adjusted.
    • The advantages of G40AB is the absence of harmful emissions and low noise compared to gasoline devices.
    • It is also completely free from wires, which can not be said about wired devices.
    • Powerful electric motor with axial fan design with cruise control of G40AB blower that operates from the battery allows the product to achieve high air flow of up to 177 km/h.