Greenworks GD40CS40 40V 16'' Cordless Chainsaw (Without Battery & Charger)

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    RM 919.00

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    • GD40CS40 is a semi-professional cordless chainsaw model for forest management.
    • It allows sawing of trunks and logs, boughs and branches.
    • This model is ready to work immediately with the push of a button.
    • It has an automatic oil supply with translucent tank and a manual chain tension mechanism.
    • For safe operation, the saw is equipped with a power button, a safety catch and chain brake. The chain brake functions as shield that can protect your hands from flying sawdust.
    • GD40CS40 features convenient front grip that allows comfort and easy operation.
    • Thanks to the DigiPro brushless motor, it provides 30% more power and up to 70% fewer vibrations than the gasoline engines, without toxic emissions, noise and operating costs.
    • Thanks to the power supply from the 40V battery, the saw provides long autonomous operation.
    • The battery is compatible with other devices from the G-Max 40V range.